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Well as I drove away from Matero I took this lovely picture of the extensive beach and outcrops.

There is a long narrow beach and a large Marina. All need to be accessed via underpasses as the railway line runs parallel to the busy road. Only drawback 🀨.

The journey to NARBONNE was no problem and I found the campsite easily. Before setting up Eric and I had lunch and a cold drink. Straight from setting up I went swimming – lovely pool although not many beds/chairs πŸ˜™, but I pounced when one became free.

This morning I had an early swim after Eric’s walk and s late breakfast of scrambled eggs. Portable induction hob works a treat. Dishes and washing done I’m relaxing on site; when it’s cooler Eric and I are going to walk along the Canal du Midi which runs along the bottom end of the site. More pics to follow. Au re voireπŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨

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So I’ve posted my longest blog on wrong site πŸ™„. So here goes… again …..

We did the full run from Benicarlo to Matero with only a comfort break. Instead of setting up I opted to eat first – good plan. Took minimal time to set up again and awning went up like a dream – who knew 4 imported rocks work better than a thousand tent pegs when ground is so hard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Good swim in pool last night and one today after we’ve explored Mataro.

Next stop is Narbonne – hoping to revisit Carcassone and Collioure while there.

Big success listening to the Archers today 😊. Great to nap to after lunch πŸ˜‚. Seriously I’m up to date now no messing.

Looking forward to France – long time coming xxx

Have to admit alsolooking forward to seeing Samm again at end of the month πŸ’•

Allfrimme for now. Leave you with pictures of PeΓ±Γ­scola I took a few days ago.

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See above for link to today’s post. Sorry for confusion I posted on wrong address πŸ™„

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15 July

Well here I am in my last week with friends in Ontinyent. Leaving on Thursday for a relaxed road trip through Spain and France to Cherbourg for the ferry home.

Eric has turned into a rabbit chaser in the last few days. Having not realised they were chase and play material before, he has now learnt from his new hero Ferdi to spot them and strain at the leash to be after them. Oh boys 😊.

The weather has been v v hot every day and we’ve walked the dogs early and late to avoid the full force of the sun. My swimming stamina has improved greatly, as we’ve swum daily in the early evening then dried off in the late sun with a cool drink. Joined by a couple of friends who live nearby this evening; and they then shared a lovely meal with us, beautifully prepared by Anne, with Richard presiding over the BBQ, yummy 😊.

Last meal with friend Nic on Tuesday then sorting washing and van ready for departure after brekkie Thursday. As usual I will be sad to leave my friends and the dogs, but as with all good things ……..

Together again soon for our trip to Keswick.

More from my odyssey on Thursday/ Friday. TTFN…..

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Hot hot hot

Well folks haven’t said much last few days. Pattern has been up v early to walk dogs before temp is over 30!, then brekkie, maybe s visit to town (Monday market day) then chilling with fans and lots of cold water in afternoon. Swimming each evening, sometimes v late when temp goes down and eating late for same reason. I’m improving my breast stroke and swimming well, even though my taller friends swim faster which is frustrating. Dog walk pm is always subject to temp and shorter than am one.

Waiting for a storm just now, while hoping it’s mild but clears the air. Nothing is simple in this heat ha ha. I’ve bought a big fan and a spare small one for the journey home.

More soon …..

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Too hot to tango

Well guys and gals temps here in Ontinyent in the high 30s until evening so days spent walking dogs x4 early each day followed by brekkie a spot of shopping if needed, then resting indoors with lots of fans until it’s cool enough to swim – which was after 7 last night and previous.

I was in a costume until after 9 last night, “dressing for dinner” in a kaftan. Gives a whole new meaning to – cool in the kasbar (I always sing kaftan anyway πŸ˜‚πŸ₯΅.

Eric loved lying on the marble floors to keep cool. I’m going to buy an elec fan for the van for the journey back to keep Eric and I cool on the campsites.

Weekend of alcohol imbibing drawing to an end; back on the wagon in the week, with the exception of a celebration day for our joint celebration on 4/7. Works well.

Need to try my awning and sail next week in prep for travels.

It will be exciting, but I always hate leaving Ontinyent and friends at first.

Today in Fontana we saw the parade for the 18th celebrations for the 11 young people in the village. In over 30 degrees heat they were all suited and booted formally – suits for the boys and full long dresses and mantillas for the girls. I’ll add pics.

Watched the parade from the shelter of a sunshade at the local hostelry 😊. Lovely insight into Spanish village life.

More soon xxxx

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After a hot but relatively quick sojourn across Spain we arrived back at the house around 6:30pm Saturday. Still hot outside but thankfully cool indoors 😊. I’ve been staying with Anne and Richard so long it’s like a homecoming; and similarly when they brought dogs back earlier today it was like greeting old friends 😍.

A short walk around 7 tonight with just a slight lessening of the temperature, and feeding time for dogs done, heralds a nice G and T before dinner.

Hopefully we settle into our routine now for next couple of weeks.

Richard is going to help me do bits on van and test new air awning out. We’re going to celebrate our joint anniversary and birthday on 4/7; and we’re going to plan my journey back through Spain and France culminating with my ferry crossing from Cherbourg.

G&T beckons πŸ˜πŸ‘. More in a few days …….

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Friday in Bilbao

Wow – the Guggenheim – m m m mega although as usual I vie between appreciation of the artist’s sentiment and a feeling of “Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome…..

Lunch of pinchos – not the Spanish spelling but tapas by any other name – yum – accompanied by a red wine spritzer – Rex wine and gaseoso which is a cross between sparkling water and a soda. Three down, nap to go πŸ˜‚.

So relaxed and Eric v chilled. We leave for the homestead tomorrow – so looking forward to seeing the pooches on Sunday 🐢🐢🦊 😊.

Living the dream for as long as it lasts. Love my friends, love my life, love you all. Whoops red wine spritzers kicking in, siesta to follow 😊😊😊.

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Stray puppy at the Guggenheim 🀨

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